Organised workflow

Get connected quickly with clients and staff  

Here are the list of features that you get with our software package 

  • Online secure File sharing

  • Archive with organised client files

  • Record Employee Payroll timesheets online

  • Sync shared client files from cloud to office computer

  • Communication dashboard for clients and office

  • PDF viewer/processor

  • Workflow manager

  • Inner office communication

  • Support & training

  • Staff/client user account

    Feature table

    What's included in our feature rich package?

    My Business

    MBA is a one shot solution for all your file sharing with clients


    Group clients

    Group clients' multiple businesses or group family.

    Organise reports

    Organise reports in folders by year and month

    Create file categories

    e.g bills, bank statements

    Sync files to local computer

    Access files while offline


    Keep track of new incoming files

    Phone app

    Clients can scan files and send using the app

    Staff accounts

    Manage clients with staff

    Personalise app

    Personalise accountant's app screen


    Online Payroll app to get client's employees worked hours details.



    Get access to employee payroll info anytime

    Quick record

    Let clients quickly record info from phone app

    Pay frequencies

    e.g weekly, monthly, semi-monthly etc

    Wage parameters

    Wage rate, overtime, vacation rate etc.


    Calculates wages using wage parameters


    Sync with quickbooks and sage

    Staff accounts

    Manage clients with staff


    Chat feature for to and fro communication

    File manager

    A desktop filemanager that integrates with our services


    FM printer

    Print any files to the filemanager inbox

    Multiple files preview

    Spot the file, at a glance

    PDF tools

    Remove pages, split and combine file operations


    Manage clients' files into archives


    Access clients' files in 'My Business app' cloud


    Share files with office staffs


    Attach files and email clients

    Create/alter folder structures

    Create/remove multiple folders in one click


    Find files easily using filters


    Get client's employees worked hours details recorded.


    Plan tasks ahead

    Schedule normal and recurring tasks

    Task centre

    View planned tasks and get done before due dates

    Task status

    Track progress percentage, assigned staff etc

    Missing info

    Pending tasks and missing info status

    Checklist & procedures

    Create and customise for each task or client

    Inner office Communication

    Chat session and log for each task

    Track time spent

    Task timer for tracking time


    Task notes, call notes, call status records, history

    Client manager

    Keep track of missing, prospect and active clients