WIP Focus

With WIPfocus you can setup and schedule your tasks. WIPfocus provides an overview of your clients tasks and status of each task. You can track the progress of each task and customize the steps to complete the task.


WIPfocus is software that shows the service that you provide to a client and helps to manage this by splitting it into tasks and subtasks, allocating the workload among staff, and monitoring its progress.

Complete tasks
on time

Task Centre lets the accountant see what work is due

Our auto task generator engine helps in organising clients based on task due dates. You can complete the task of the client on time. It features email notifications/reminders to clients, advanced search options, assignment of tasks to staff/reviewer.

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Client communication
and activity log

Notify clients of missing documents, bills or invoices. Staff/reviewer can set status for client regarding missing information.

It features setting call status, email alerts regarding the missing info, filters to check pending tasks, Client notes to easily track the task status and progress.

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Due date generator for
automatic task scheduling

Due date generator automatically creates tasks that are due for a particular client on a specific date.

It also features manual task creation, scheduling tasks in advance, creates tasks for clients, filter and sorting tools to get what you are looking for.

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Tracking time taken for task and work progress

Keep track of how much time your staff took to complete a task for a client. Time tracking helps with the creation of invoices.

It features splitting tasks into sub tasks, task status, Activity log of staff and reviewer communication, messaging, attachments and email.

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How to use WIP Focus

Keep Information

WIPfocus uses one database to keep personal and business information.

In WIPfocus taskcentre, you can view, plan and organize all of your tasks.

With WIPfocus, you can send email attachment to your clients containing financial statements and other documents for review.

Workflow record

Wipfocus maillog keeps track of communication history.

  • You can customize the default checklist to suit clients' requirement.
  • Wipfocus due date planner enables you to automatically create recurring tasks on a periodic basis.
  • Wipfocus can send a list of missing information to clients.

Advanced Software System

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