Terms and conditions

BBMSOFTWARE products and services

BBMSOFTWARE has the software mainly for day to day accounting practice. This includes online versions and also computer programs that can be installed. The goal of our software as well as other applicable services is to simplify the tasks associated with accounting practices including communications and sharing of files between the accountants and their clients, submitting data and user friendly tools for organizing and filing of clients records. Our aim is to make this software implement a culture to make it a paperless office system at your company.

Our Policy and Method of Delivery:

Our products are available online for purchase and the packages can be downloaded and installed upon payment. We can also make available our products on CD ROMs and DVDs which can be shipped via private courier service. These services can be modified to your requirement for which extra charges will be applicable. BBMSOFTWARE cannot be held responsible once the contract is confirmed and shipment is done. You will need to agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of BBMSOFTWARE that we cannot be held accountable for any loss that may arise.

Our Policy on Returns, Exchange and Refunds:

You need to be aware that our products and services are of software category, so it is obvious that it cannot be returned or exchanged. There are certain limited refund options that can be done by BBMSOFTWARE depending on the situation where refund can be honoured. Refunds however cannot be made in cash payments, but will be treated as a discount for upcoming s cancelling subscription payments. Incase of subscription cancellation of our services like products and installable programs it is required that you inform us prior to 7 working days before the renewal and upcoming payment due date. Cancellations can be made in writing by mail, email or booking an appointments with us. You need to refer to the page that says ‘Contact Us’. Any loss of data after registering cancellation of service or product will not be the responsibility of BBMSOFTWARE. You must not retain any piece of information about the software installer, templates, saved pages or transfer data backups, including manual pages to anyone once subscription is cancelled. BBMSOFTWARE decides on these points that are required to be strictly adhered and action will be taken accordingly.

Country of Transaction and Currency Requirement:

The country of transaction is Canada. The prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Businesses’ Consumer Data Privacy Policies:

BBMSOFTWARE respects the privacy of your data. We are committed to protect the interest of all our customers including your privacy and security compliance. You can be rest assured that your company’s information will be maintained in strict confidence within our organization. We have no intention and will not sell or advertise any of your data for an exchange. However, your data may be used to improve the software experiences, but will only be done with your prior permission if required. Our software and services may require integration to increase productivity with third party services e.g email. You accept that your information can be used for such services to work, and you also accept to third party services’ terms and conditions. You also agree to provide valid information to our client service team, as well as provide admin rights and remote access as and to enable us do our utmost for streamlining the process and troubleshooting issues related to our services and products. You also need to agree not to misuse any of our services such as storing clients’ or others personal information for advertising, selling, false impersonation or any such matters. Should such a situation arise, termination of services will take place immediately without notice.

Security Measures and Policy for Transmission of Credit Card Information:

Our system uses up to date encryption methods to protect the data collected and records payment information and other details such as name, credit card number, transaction purpose and alike information. Such information will be stored for a short period of time to ensure our services are up to date, reliable and helps with the troubleshooting of failed transactions. It also generates reminders so that you do not miss out on any of our services and subscriptions to avoid any delays. All transactions made online to purchase subscriptions to our services or software packages will be handled by the online payment processing services. By using such services, you agree to the terms and conditions of the said service providers. Transactions will never take place unless it is authorized and validated. At the time of making the transaction, the payment processing services may apply certain charges that you are not aware of, and may ask for your account information to process the transaction. BBMSOFTWARE cannot be held responsible for any such claims and losses that take place which are direct consequences of using such services (such as Data Breach due to cyber attacks).

The Businesses’ Complain Handling Procedures:

IN THE CASE OF ANY DISPUTE OR CLAIM WITH RESPECT TO OUR BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP OR SERVICES AS PER THIS AGREEMENT IT SHALL BE REFERRED TO AND FINALLY RESOLVED BY ARBITRATION INSTEAD OF GOING TO COURT. However, you may make a claim in small claims court if the claim is legit. The Commercial Arbitration Act governs the interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement; the arbitrator shall construe in accordance with the federal laws to all related matters. This clause supercedes anything else forthcoming that might be a contradiction to the provision. Any party of the Arbitration may at any time look for injunctive relief from any court with the power to adjudicate the case before it. WE EACH AGREE THAT ANY, AND ALL DISPUTES WHICH MAY ARISE MUST BE BROUGHT IN THE PARTIES INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND IRREVOCABLY WAIVES ANY RIGHT THAT ALLOWS TO PARTICIPATE AS A CLASS OF CLAIMANT IN ARBITRATION, OR OTHER PROCEEDING AGAINST ANY PROVIDER PARTY RELATED TO OR CONNECTED WITH THIS AGREEMENT. IT IS AGREED THAT YOU AND BBMSOFTWARE INC. ACCEPT TO WAIVE THE RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION OR BE A PARTY TO A LAWSUIT. YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE KNOWINGLY WAIVED THESE RIGHTS.

In order to start proceeding with arbitration, you need to put in writing to BBMSOFTWARE Inc. of your intention as per the Commercial Arbitration Act. You have the option to choose to conduct the arbitration by Telephone, based on what you submitted in writing, or in person in the location where you live, or at any other location as mutually agreed by the parties. The decision of the arbitrator will be final and cannot be appealed.

Details of any applicable warranties or guarantees:

BBM SOFTWARE INC. warrants the software as expressed in our literature whether published online or in printed form. BBM SOFTWARE INC. will refund the purchase price paid for our products, as specified in the guidelines of our Refund Policy.

Terms, Conditions and payment Methods:

Payments are to be made online and are due at the time the product is purchased. Payments can be made by Mastercard, Visa and Paypal.

The Date when goods will be delivered, or when the services are to be commenced.

After payment is made by the customer, our team will make sure that the services and products will be made available for the client within the next seven working days; excluding weekends and stat holidays. After the service or product is delivered, new customers will be enrolled in a one-time initial set up subscription separately. This initial one-time set up includes setting up the purchased programs in customers’ computers, creating user accounts, creating and validating licences and may include train ing. One-Time initial set up fee will be charged separately and the charges will vary depending on the products or services purchased, number of licenses needed etc.

Recurring transactions, a simple and easily accessible online cancellation procedure.

Recurring Transactions require storage of your banking details for automatic renewal of services. You need to authorize and complete the payment request. The payee must ensure that payment is made after confirming that the payment request is from a valid source. BBMSOFTWARE will not be held accountable for any transactions made by clicking on unknown or fraudulent links that falsely advertise in our name. See Point for cancellation procedures.