Payrite provides a data submission portal that minimizes your headache processing payroll. The program features a self service portal that clients can use it to submit their payroll information 24/7.


Now you can submit your payroll information using payrite on your smart phone.

Accuracy ensured

Payrite makes it easy to submit accurate information which can be easily verified.

Payrite features advanced search tools to manage employees. Accountants have a Messaging section which provides ability to message clients and receive replies at anytime.

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Managing Employees

Document for employees file can be stored. These documents can be used for identification and verification purposes.

Filters are available to display employees pay frequency

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Reliable Timesheet

Payrite stores time sheets to comply with CRA and labour standard requirements.

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Final verification

The accountant will give final approval for submission to run payroll.

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How to use Payrite

Simplify your payroll process

The phone app makes hour entry easier for clients. Phone app also features adding/editing employee details.

Payrite has a built-in messaging feature which facilitates communication between clients and accountants.

Enhanced payroll analysis

  • A history of all the previous completed, ongoing timesheets, active and inactive clients and employees history are available for quick reference.
  • The accountant/ staff/ client can choose when to submit timesheets.
  • Import or export client/employee information or timesheets to excel.

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