File Manager

This is software that helps conveniently to store, organize, and track documents. This program helps you to go green by replacing paper storage with Electronic storage.


File Manager gives businesses a tool to scan, store, manage and retrive documents.

Manage and Organise Client files

Our File Manager offers a reliable desktop client document management solution.

File Manager helps you Organise client folders and files, create archive, preview client files etc. It is now easy to Print, or copy client/staff pdf files to an inbox. You can scan hardcopies as pdf to inbox to create pdf files.

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Search and Email integration

This program provides advanced Search options for finding clients, client folders, client files, files in archive, files by specific date etc.

Emails can be send directly from File Manager.

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Advanced PDF tools

Separate or merge pdf pages by section or individually.

Easily share with other users/staff, or email, or share with WIPfocus maillog users/staff.

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Document Management

Document management comes with a multipage document viewer, to preview archive files more than one at a time.

File Manager features the ability to set File status such as sent, query etc. Multiple document/files can be previewed at any time in simple grid view, to easily sort files using thumbnail previews. A file sharing log is provided to keep track of changes to the file.

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How to use File Manager

File Manager for paperless office

Print or scan any file (digital or hardcopy) to File Manager inbox and archive to client folders.

Quick access to all client files.

Easy editing and sharing files.

Activity log and history

Track all file archiving and sharing.

  • The log section, helps to keep track of every change such as file operations, details of sharing between staff.
  • Notes for client files and status of client files to monitor action taken.
  • Archive previous year files for future reference.

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