Who we are

BBMSOFTWARE has the software mainly for day to day accounting practice. This includes online versions and also computer programs that can be installed. The goal of our software as well as other applicable services is to simplify the tasks associated with accounting practices including communications and sharing of files between the accountants and their clients, submitting data and user friendly tools for organizing and filing of clients records. Our aim is to make this software implement a culture to make it a paperless office system at your company. Our website address is: https://bbmsoftware.com

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

BBMSOFTWARE respects the privacy of its users. All of the information we collect are for the purpose of better user experience, security of our services, troubleshooting and records for improvement of our services.

When you visit our website https://bbmsoftware.com our webservices may log some data about your ip address, visited time of day, name of device, operating system etc. Your information are collected when you browser, make a comment, register account, upload picture for your account.

When you visit our store information such as products you visited, products that are added to cart etc., which are collected to ensure that the user experience is of high quality.

When you make a checkout you may need to share information such as name, email address, phone number, shipping address, business information etc. for billing and tax calculations.

When you make an online payment you may need to share some information related to your bank accounts or credit/debit card information to the respective payment gateway.

Our services are build upon platforms and tools provided by third parties who may access to collected information for troubleshooting and a better experience.


When you make comments on our website blogs or review products we may collect information related to your email address, name and comment description. This information may be accessible to our administrations for approval, censorship or any appropriate actions.


When you register accounts with our website you may be required to upload a profile photo. Such media when uploaded to the site may contain information about you in the media’s EXIF information such as location, the device in which the media is processed etc.. You must be aware of such details you provide to us while uploading media to our website.

Contact forms

When you contact us throught the contact form, the details will be recorded such as name, email address and comment. This will be used to improve our quality of services. This may be stored indefinitely to make followups easy and answer your queries in a positive and enlightening manner. Our support person may have access to those details for the purpose of getting in touch with you and enhancing your experience with us.


Cookies makes browsing experience pleasant. Cookies are created and stored in your device to provide suggestions, keep track of visited pages. When you create account in our website or provide a comment, cookies are created and stored so that you do not require to login everytime to make purchases or send enquiries. Our e-store uses cookies to remember products you have already added to the cart there by providing convenience during a purchase.


Impressions and clicks analytic tools are part of every online business strategy. We use analytics tools to log who visits our website, from where, what device they use not only for the statistics, but also for security purposes. We also use tools from third parties who may similarly log using their analytic tools for a similar purpose.

Who we share your data with

We do not share Your personal data to anyone without your prior knowledge. When you make a purchase in our estore your information may be shared with our administrators or support team for processing and fulfilling orders, troubleshooting transactions or any malfunctioning services, email services to notify information about transactions and reminders etc.

How long we retain your data

We retain logged information from our analytics for as long as we want so that the security of our estore is not compromised. When you purchase our service from the estore, that information will be stored as a record. We may store it as long as five years even after you have terminated your services as they may be required for legal, taxation and audit purposes related to our business. However we will take every step to keep your identity private.

What rights you have over your data

You have every right on the data you shared with us by accessing our website or estore and subscribing to our services. At anytime you wish to remove your personal identity from any of our pages or services, you may contact us to request erasure of the data. We will however decide what data are suitable to delete apart from those that are required for security and legal purposes.

Where we send your data

We do not send your data to anyone. In case you need some help from our support team, and depending on the nature of the help required it will be sent to our support team or system administrators to assist you. You must be aware that online services make use of web hosting services, cloud storage services and other services which is where all data will be stored.

Contact information

You may contact us if you require more information on our policies. We are always available to hear from you. Get contact information from our contact us page here.

Additional information

You must be aware that we have used a number of software tools such as hosting, email server, development tools etc to make our webservices possible. Those software tools' providers has their own privacy policies. You agree to those terms by using our services.

How we protect your data

We have updated our store services and website to the latest secure technologies available so that your data is not compromised in any of the data breaches. All the communication you make through the website is encrypted. We assure you that we are constantly updating our services to make it secure at best.