Video tutorials


Filemanager initial setup

Setting up Inbox and client archives, add users, user types, creating archive folder structure.

Filemanager bulk folder create, rename or delete

Create, rename or delete folders in each clients archive folder.

Filemanager built-in pdf tools

Quick preview files, split, combine, delete pages of Client files

Filemanager sync

Set up client archive to sync with cloud services such as onedrive.


MBA tour

Top useful features that makes MBA unique for filesharing with your clients.

MBA overview

Add clients, Sending files and receiving files from clients, Manage staff

MBA grouping clients

Grouping client's multiple business, grouping personal clients with their family members, advantages of grouping.

MBA scan types

How different scan types works and helps in categorising documents?


Payrite Overview

How to add client, add employee and manage employee time sheet.

Payrite Initial Setup

Setting up Pay frequencies and employee pay details.

Pay Frequencies

How to setup multiple pay frequencies for clients?

Payrite Employee Import

How to import client's employees, using import template?

Advanced Software System

Provides the best value for your money and helps you to manage your practice.