How File Manager Works

File Manager is designed to be a document manager to organise client files on the local server for office use. Cloud files (from My Business App) can be synced directly with the clients archive folders, whereas files that come through email, or mail can be printed or scanned directly to FIle Manager inbox. From inbox the files can be archived to respective client folders and shared between staff/users.


File Manager makes it easy to manage client files locally. These files are also available for online access for accountants and for their clients.

Top Features

An advanced archive manager with built in file editing and viewing tools, that makes every file operation say viewing, pdf editing, sharing, archiving etc. possible without opening multiple windows.

Here are some of FIle Manager top features which include client file management into archive folders, view, edit, merge or split pdf files, share with other user/staff in File Manager, or share as email etc.

File Manager Printer

File Manager printer is a print driver that enable users to print directly to the File Manager inbox.

Printing to File Manager inbox

How to print to File Manager inbox. Open the document such as excel, word, images etc to be printed, select print from file menu or press ctrl+p key combination. When the print dialogue box appears, select the printer to “File Manager printer (instead of default printer)”. Press enter/ok to start printing to File Manager inbox.

Users and staff access

Users and staff. File Manager can be configured for multiple users and staff. Administrators have full access to client files, whereas staff has read access only by default. This adds control over file deletion.
Remote sharing: Client version of File Manager can also be installed in the clients office, and configured to share files remotely.

Email communication

Email File Manager allows emailing files directly from inbox or archive to users/staff. File Manager has a built-in email application which can be used instead of outlook if so desired.
Files sharing: File manager can be configured for multiple users.

Document management

File Manager features a document inbox and archiver to organise client files.


Inbox is the place where all the files are held prior to archiving. Inbox has built-in email application.


All client files that arrive in the inbox can be moved to the appropriate folders in the archives. The use of archives make it easy to categorise client data. Archive has a built-in search function, which can be used to search client folders/files by name, company etc.

Archive viewer

Archive viewer allows viewing of client files in the folders. It features file search, copy/move, email, set status for each client file.

Folders management

There are a lot of folder operations that can be performed to organise client files such as creating new folders, clone folders, copy or move folders etc., Recycle bin option is available so files can be recovered when it is required.

Pdf tools for Document Editing

File Manager has a built in document viewer to view pdf files which makes easy to view documents without opening any other document viewer software.

Pdf operations

It includes pdf splitting and combining options. The split function also includes split based on range, split to multiple pages based on range, single page splitting, and single page with numbering.

Multipage viewer

Files in client’s archive folders can be viewed in a multipage viewer as 4x2, 2x1 or 1x1 grid. This makes it easier to find files using thumbnail previews, or by giving an overview of all the client files at a glance.

Notes and status

File Manager has a built-in feature to add notes for each of the client documents. It is possible to set status for the documents, to track the action taken for that specific document.

File Manager for paperless office experience

Print or scan any file (digital or hardcopy) to File Manager inbox and archive to client folders.

Quick access to all client files.

Easy editing and sharing files.

Activity log and history

Track all file archiving and sharing.

  • The log section, helps to keep track of every change such as file operations, details of sharing between staff.
  • Notes for client files and status of client files to monitor action taken.
  • Archive previous year files for future reference.

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