How Payrite Works

Payrite enables users to enter hours at anytime and get processed payroll. This includes employee cheques and pay stubs.


Payrite is an easy to use, convenient time saving payroll app.

Top Features

Quick time entry and fast turn around.

Here are some of payrite's top features which include client management, messaging, history of client employees and all past timesheets, complete with mobile app.

Administration and user accounts

Payrite has separate login dashboards for clients, accountants and staff.

Accountant login

The Accountant can see all the clients in a list, create or edit client and employee list. Each of the clients and his employees can be managed individually. It is possible to set status for clients as active or inactive.

Staff login

Staffs can edit clients and employee details/timesheets. This makes sharing the workload easier in the office.

Client login

Clients can add employees, and have access to employee timesheets. They can also add or edit employee details.

Client and employee details

Payrite has details of all clients and employees' pay information and other necessary/useful information which can be entered manually or imported in bulk through excel.

Pay information

The following details are required for each employee such as name, wage rate, pay frequency, overtime, direct deposit account details, sin no., duedates etc. It is possible to change any of employee details anytime as well as set status for employees based on whether they are active or inactive.

Client documents & direct deposit details

There is an option for clients and accountants to upload employee documents to their profile. Direct deposit enables the employer to pay digitally.

Communication with clients

Payrite has a built-in messaging, which allows communication between clients and accountants.

Integrated Search tools

Advanced search tool is available to search clients and employees based on name, email address, sin, phone. Search option is available for timesheets.


The timesheet screen is the place where a client adds his employees working hours. The interactive GUI makes it easy to view each client’s employee list and their hours at a glance.

Automatic calculation

Payrite's timesheet will be able to calculate every details related to payroll processing automatically, for each employee based on employees' info. It has options such as autofill hours, or manual entry for convenience as well as to import/export from/to excel.


Timesheets can be imported easily using excel import feature. All ongoing, submitted or completed timesheets can be exported into an excel or a text file.

Submit hours

Submit hours for accountants to process payroll.


A history of all the completed and ongoing timesheets, active and inactive clients and employee history are available for reference.

Phone app

For easy data submission clients can use phone app.

Simplify your payroll process

The phone app makes hour entry easier for clients. Phone app also features adding/editing employee details.

Payrite has a built-in messaging feature which facilitates communication between clients and accountants.

Enhanced payroll analysis

  • A history of all the previous completed, ongoing timesheets, active and inactive clients and employees history are available for quick reference.
  • The accountant/ staff/ client can choose when to submit timesheets.
  • Import or export client/employee information or timesheets to excel.

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