How My Business App Works

My Business App makes cloud file sharing with your clients easier. When you purchase the application package, we provide you with accountant access. This access allow you to add clients and staffs. Clients will be able to upload files using client web portal or phone app. These files can be accessed from clients inbox. Clients can view their processed reports in client folders.


My Business App allows you to share electronic documents on the go. Accountants and clients are notified when any files are uploaded.

Top Features

My Business App is a feature rich application you can use to share and organise your client electronic files and reports in a very convenient way in the cloud as well as in the local.

Here are some of My Business App top features which include client management, send and retrive files through cloud sharing, organise files into folders, view prior reports, cloud to local computer sync for offline use.

Administration and user accounts

My Business App provides separate login access for clients, staff and accountants. Authorization levels can be set for clients and staff.

User accounts

Client and staff accounts are restricted accounts. Accountants have full access over their client and staff data and they can view/edit their Client folders, Client details, staff details etc.

Client management

Client management helps you to add/view or edit all client details from one place. There is an option to import clients from excel, csv etc.

Staff login

Staff can be added to manage clients and send reports to clients. Accountants can assign staff to look after specific clients. They can also set which clients and folders staff have access to and view/download client files.

Password management

Password reset manager can help accountants reset client passwords when something goes wrong from the client side, say the client forgets his password/user id.

Document Management

My Business App manages all files sent by client, as well as reports sent to client. Clients and accountants are able to access these files and reports at anytime.

Client folders

Accountants can use folders to help them organise reports in the data base. This can be based on the type of service.


Inbox is the place where all the files sent by clients are received. A client can send either his personal documents or business documents. The inbox therefore has separate folders for business and personal files.

Archive Storage

My Business App features storage which enables viewing current and previous year files. Files are stored in folders based on the year to which it relates. This can further be categorized by type of service.

Tools for convenience

Advanced Search function provides quick access to any client files and folders.


My Business app features an easy to access GUI, where the complete list of clients and staff can be viewed in a tree structure. It also has built in search to find clients based on name, company name, email address or by client type (personal/business)

Cloud to local sync

Every file can be backed up in the cloud as well as in the local drive of administrator's computer. This makes access to files convenient.


Notifications are sent to client as well as staff/accountant whenever there is a file upload, to make sure that the parties are aware of new file arrival.

Mobile app for clients

Android/iOS app is available for clients to install on their phone. Clients can login to the app and send their files in two simple steps: i) take photo of files using phone camera ii) verify and upload.
Clients can also see their folders where the processed reports are stored from their phone app. Clients can use either the phone app or login directly from their mac/pc using any standard browser.

Client Interaction

Allow client to work from home and eliminates travel to the accountant's office.

Clients and accountants get their documents quickly.

Better for environment because it has a smaller carbon foot print, also enhances client and accountant interaction

Document transfer

Transfer of electronic documents is made easy through My Business App.

  • Sync function makes it easy to access clients documents from local drive.
  • Phone app enables clients to scan and send their documents.
  • Notifications alert clients as well as office staff of new file arrival.

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